“During Bush Presidency, Current GOP Leaders Voted 19 Times To Increase Debt Limit By $4 Trillion Without Asking for Anything to Reduce the Deficit”
While it may be true that both parties, Republican and Democratic, have their share of hypocrites, it is hard to argue with the premise that Democrats govern in pursuit of the COMMON good, while Republicans govern in the belief that what’s good for them INDIVIDUALLY is good for all.

Thus, it makes sense that GOP leaders vote to increase national debt and deficit spending when they control the purse strings. If it’s good for them, it must be good for America.

Look at the debt that President Reagan left America: we were convinced that it would impoverish our grandchildren. But soon we had a surplus—and now the Republicans lay that debt-and-deficit blame on the Democrats.

You can’t always “grow” your way out of debt, as the U.S. did during the Clinton years. You can’t always “cut” your way out of debt, either. And if you always confuse “spending” with “investing” (as Republican politicians do) then you’re really selling American ingenuity short.

Meanwhile, those of us with wealth are squirreling it safely away, rather than this Republican fantasy of “creating jobs.” While those of us without wealth are barely getting by, and spending as little as possible. (Keep in mind that it was the Reagan Administration that both reined in inflation AND put homeless people on the streets of America for the first time in generations.)

When the citizens aren’t investing (the wealthy) or spending (the poor), that’s when government’s role kicks into gear. Government is the combined power of the people: it’s job is to do what we cannot, whether it comes to waging war, or to investing in infrastructure and new technology.

You may not like the idea of how government “investment” in research and infrastructure builds America. But it wasn’t private industry that built the transcontinental railroad or put Americans on the moon. Sometimes you just need to let go of your ideology. Or be destroyed by it.

Your choice, fellow Americans.