The Republican Ideology, as currently configured, has stood up to be tested for the past thirty-two years.

It has failed miserably.

The Apparent Cause of Republican failure is projection.

Most of what the Right perceives in the Left is actually its own reflection.

Best Case in Point: the Romney campaign disbelieved Obama-leaning poll numbers because the Republicans thought that the Democrats were skewing the numbers.

Instead, it was the Romney campaign doing the skewing. And thus were their errors worsened, and their trend toward loss made stronger.

Likewise, This Conservative Ideology—that the Democrats are the party of entitlement. Those of us on the outside of the whole thing see how much it is the Right that wallows in its sense of entitlement.

Such as wondering how they could have possibly lost the election, when their policies and practices led America into the mess, and then they scared much of the American electorate away.

Karl Rove Accuses the Democrats of winning the election by scaring voters off of the Republican Party. We on the outside see this as ridiculous, of course: the Republican policies and principles are their own  policies and principles. Though some elements are often projected on others, yet do they often state these other ideological elements themselves.

And who more than Karl Rove has thrived, politically, on the promulgation of fear?

The whole ideology of the Republican Party is based on fear—gun-bearing thuggery; misogyny; aliens; welfare abuse; voter fraud; wealth-ravaging inflation; me-first healthcare access; other languages, other faiths, and other cultures—here in “the home of the brave.”

To “Blame the Messenger”—who helps communicate the anti-immigrant, anti-choice, anti-voting, anti-poor Right Wing planks—exemplifies the Republican culture of entitlement.

And of projection.

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