23 November 2016

[The following thoughts were first posted to Quora on 18 November 2016]

One of America’s greatest strengths is that our system of politics and government works. Though we still refer to ourselves as a young country, our system of government now has outlasted most that were in place when America was formed.

This strength means that no one person can undo us. In the current situation, Donald Trump will find himself faced with some interesting challenges as he works to navigate the straits of American politics, Right and Left.

I believe it is this strength, the stability of our foundation, that partly explains why so many of us don’t bother to vote: no matter the outcome of any election, the direct results on our daily lives are comparatively small and remote.

As disappointing as it is, that so many of our fellow citizens bought the blatant “pig in a poke” offer made by Donald Trump, yet we shall survive.

Thirty-five years ago, a guy rose to the presidency by advocating a 180º turn in America’s direction “forward.” The most-recent election looked like the one to put a final “nail” in that reactionary “coffin,” and get America finally moving forward once again. Now, as it turns out, we have to wait a bit longer. The old folks have forgotten how great America once looked to become, and the young people do not believe that we ever moved so assertively Forward. Roosevelt; Roosevelt; Kennedy; Johnson; Obama.

Our Exceptional Nation Shall Move Forward Again!

(($; -)}™


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