10 November 2013

 10 November 2013

The Best Way to buy ACA insurance is the best way to buy an airline ticket on Kayak or Expedia: do your comparison shopping on the website, and then contact your chosen provider directly.

You can create an account on, log on, and shop for the policy you want.

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, call the insurer or insurers directly. These are helpful, sales-motivated people who will give you all the information you need, and then walk you through the application process.

Just as When Working with any “sales-motivated people,” it’s best to know ahead of time what you plan to choose.

On the other hand, one great thing about Obamacare:

If you don’t like what you end up with this first go-around, you are free to change it a year from now. Such an easy way of comparison shopping and of changing policies never used to be available.

But now there’s better policies and the convenience of Obamacare.


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