10 October 2013

10 October 2013

Anyone of Us can stand firm with the dictates of our conscience. It takes a special kind of person to negotiate the differences among us.

It takes a politician.

The Naivety of Tea Party Republicans in Congress, who did not know what the “debt ceiling” was (and who still seem not to know), points to this.

Compromise is what keeps America from becoming a “dictatorship by the minority.” We fought our 1776 revolution to free ourselves from dictatorship. Then we gave ourselves a government “of and by and for the people.”

The fact that one side of our political divide thinks of our democratic government as “Them” is a burden that those on the Left are prepared to continually shoulder.

But when those on the Right decide that their own values are somehow more-valuable or more-American than counterpart values, what we end up with is something like the Tea Party Conservatives:

A group of rigid ideologues, willing to bring down our country if that’s what it takes to dictate their own values.

Fortunately for our great American experiment, our democracy will prevail over those ideologues who remain “determined to deny liberty to others.”

Fortunately for the American people, we have those willing to do our dirty work: trash collectors, and sewer-repair people—and politicians.

(($; -)}


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